CurrencyUSD, EUR, RUR
Fees / CommissionNo Commission
Processing TimeInstant

How to Make a Deposit to Your FXTM Account

1. Launch the WebMoney "Keeper Classic" application.

2. Go to MyFXTM, select the “My Money / Deposit Funds" option in the menu.

3. Then, choose the desired payment method and trading account you wish to deposit into. 

4. Select the currency of your choice in the "Transfer Currency" field and then fill in the “sum” field. In the end click “Confirm” button. 

5. After submitting your request, please choose WebMoney Keeper as your method of payment, enter the code you see in the picture and click "Next". In the form that pops up, enter the number of your WebMoney purse. Finally, confirm that the information you have entered is correct and click "Confirm the Payment" button. 

6. You can view the status of your transfer in Transaction History page. You should see the status of your transfer as "Processing". Once the deposit has been posted to your trading account, the status in MyFXTM will change to "Funds deposited to the account".

Important Information

1. No third-party payments can be accepted. For your initial deposit – please send us a screenshot of your WebMoney account that clearly shows your name, address and the status of your WM passport.

2. Deposits can only be accepted from WebMoney accounts with a WM-Passport status of ‘Formal’ or higher.

3. Although there is no minimum or maximum transfer amount per WebMoney transaction, certain financial restrictions apply to WebMoney users. These restrictions are dependent on the type of WM passport held by the user, the type of WM keeper used and the transaction confirmation methods that have been enabled.

4. If a WebMoney transaction is made in a currency that is not supported (please check the table above for supported currencies), your deposit will be converted to the supported currency of your choice. Please note that WebMoney may charge a conversion fee. In the event that the base currency of your trading account and deposit currency are different, the transaction will be subject to conversion and charges may apply (please see Conversion Rates table).

5. FXTM does not charge any commission for deposits made via WebMoney.

6. If your deposit is processed successfully, it will be credited to your trading account. However, your transaction(s) may be delayed if WebMoney and/ or FXTM are unable to verify your information.

7. The amount of your initial deposit must be withdrawn to the same WebMoney account used to make the deposit.

More information on WebMoney website:

CurrencyUSD, EUR, RUR
Fees / Commission2%
Processing Time24 hours

How to withdraw funds from your FXTM account

1. Go to MyFXTM, click on “My Money / Withdraw Funds" option in the menu.

2. Then choose “desired method”, “Account number”, “Webmoney Purse Currency” and “Sum”

3. In the end please fill in your “Webmoney Purse number” and once you have read all the withdrawal conditions and are certain you want to proceed, click "Confirm".

4. You will then receive a payment password via SMS or via email to the email address you have registered with MyFXTM. You must enter this password in the required field and then click "Submit".

5. You can check the status of your withdrawal in "Transaction History" page. If you see the status "Processing", it means that your request has been accepted. Once the request status reads "Funds sent", it means that funds were sent to your WebMoney purse.

Important Information

1. Withdrawals to third-parties cannot be accepted. The name and address of your WebMoney account must match the name and address that you provided when registering with FXTM.

2. You can only withdraw funds through WebMoney, if you used WebMoney to deposit funds.

3. You may only withdraw funds to the same WebMoney account used to deposit funds to your trading account.

4. The fee for processing fund withdrawals will be deducted from the amount being withdrawn.

5. Please ensure that you have sufficient free margin in your account to cover your withdrawal. If you do not have sufficient free margin, you will have to close open positions.

6. FXTM processes withdrawals within one business day of a withdrawal request being received. The funds will be credited to your WebMoney account within one business day of being processed by FXTM. However, your withdrawal(s) may be delayed if we are unable to verify your information.

7. There is no minimum and maximum transfer limit per transaction. However, WebMoney users are subject to certain financial restrictions that are determined by the level of identification (i.e. the type of WM-passport that the user holds), type of WM Keeper used by the member and the methods of transaction confirmation that have been enabled.

8. Any trading profits can be withdrawn using WebMoney as long as the funds are being withdrawn to the same WebMoney account that was used to fund your trading account. Profits can also be withdrawn by bank wire. However, you will need to provide a bank statement confirming the account holder's name (this should match the name on your FXTM trading account).

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