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We know that excellent trade execution is important to your success, so we work hard every day to deliver great prices and lightning-fast execution speeds. It’s why we’re trusted by millions of traders around the world.

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Trading is risky.

Trade execution faster than
the blink of an eye

Our technology will execute your trades faster than the time it takes to blink, so you’ll always get the best market price.

Percent of trades executed in less than a second.
99.81% FXTM best market price
Average time between order receipt and execution
0.082 secs Average time between order reciept and execution

Unbeatable trading costs

Our aim is simple: to give you the best prices and tightest spreads available. We typically offer spreads close to zero on the FX majors including EURUSD and GBPUSD, and spreads as low as zero on gold.

Average spreads on our most popular markets

(07:00 – 21:00, GMT+2)

Improved pricing on your orders

Maximise your potential with improved pricing. We pass on price improvements automatically wherever a better price is available to execute your order.

Percentage of orders with improved price
97.05% FXTM best prices available
Average value of price improvement in pips
0.28 pips Average value of price improvement in pips

Our price improvement figures are based on Take Profit orders; the pre-calculated price level you set when you want your position to automatically close and lock-in any profits you've earned.

More reasons to trade with FXTM

  • Integrates Dow Jones News and Calendar events into an Expert Advisor

    MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 on desktop and mobile.

  • View Market Alerts, Confidence indicators, News and Events via one Research Terminal

    Indicators, calculators, EAs and other free trading tools to help you get more from the markets.

  • Use News and Events to inform your trades in your favourite markets

    Flexible leverage from 1:1 to 1:2000 and trade sizes from 0.01 lots.

  • Data is displayed in a visually compelling and easy-to-use format

    Free trading education and market insight from our in-house experts.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. But if your question(s) isn’t there, let us know.

How important is fast and accurate order execution for retail traders?

Financial markets can react at once and without warning to breaking news. When prices move rapidly away from previous levels, opportunities often arise. Active traders look for these, but they may also need to exit or reduce their existing losing positions quickly. Our sophisticated pricing engines continually optimize high-speed trade execution and price liquidity, giving our retail traders the confidence to follow their strategies when volatility increases. To give you the best trading experience, we offer the following accounts:
Advantage and Advantage Plus Accounts – instructions will be executed at the next available price, in a trader specified size.

Why is there a market spread and how does it affect my trading

The market spread is the difference between the Bid and the Ask (Offer) price of a financial trading product. Each time you open and close a position, you effectively cross the spread or pay the difference between the Bid and Ask price. In that sense, it is a direct trading cost to you.

The market Bid should be viewed as a measure of demand - or the highest price the traders are prepared to pay to sit at the front of the buying queue.
The market Ask should be viewed as a measure of supply – or the lowest price traders are prepared to sell at to sit at the front of the selling queue.
The total number of participants (buyers and sellers) and the size of their combined trading orders on both the Bid and Ask side of the price is known as market liquidity.

Zero Bid to Ask Spreads At FXTM, we are committed to developing and supplying industry-leading pricing technology.
That means improved execution speeds, consistent stability, and price transparency.
In a small group of carefully selected markets, we can use our pricing knowhow to reduce the typical market Bid to Ask spread to zero.
That is a unique and direct reduction in your trading costs!
Please visit our contract specification pages for Major FX pairs and Gold (XAUUSD) for details.

What about commission and financing charges?

Whilst FXTM is committed to supplying the tightest market spreads and zero spreads where possible, there are other charges to consider.
To help and manage your trading instructions we charge a small and highly competitive commission by way of a tiered structure.
We also apply an overnight financing charge for positions carried into the next trading session. When you leverage (increase) your exposure in the market you have effectively borrowed the notional value of your trading position. This financing fee is effectively the overnight loan charge.
We believe it’s important that you understand all of the costs related to trading the financial markets.
To find details of our commission structure please click here.
Details of our overnight finance charges (swaps) can be found here
If you'd like to see a quick video on how swaps work, click here

Can my trading instructions be executed at improved prices?

The short answer is yes, your trading instructions can be filled at an improved (lower) Bid or an improved (higher) Ask price.

Limit order price improvements: If the first trading price at market open is lower than a limit buy order set on your account, we’ll complete your instruction at the improved price. The same improvement is passed to you if the first available price is higher than your limit sell order.

Bid and Ask price improvements: Many of the trading instruments we provide can come with fast moving and highly liquid pricing. The Bid and Ask prices visible on trading platform’s dealing ticket can change even in a fraction of the second it takes to complete your electronic instruction.
If our Bid or Ask prices are better than those selected at the time you click the buy or sell button, we will pass the improvement directly onto you.

Why are there different account types and how do I know which one is best for me?

Providing trading services and the highest levels of customer care for over 2 million clients worldwide has taught us a thing or two. Some of our clients are seasoned professionals looking for fast execution, low trading costs and the security that comes from choosing a longstanding, regulated and award-winning global brand. Many more are just beginning their trading journeys and require concise explanations and transparent charges, but above all, great supporting education and information resources.

Wherever you are on your own unique trading journey, we have an account type that will suit your level of experience, trading goals and appetite for risk. It’s important to choose the account that is right for you, and we would advise leaning more by following this link.

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Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).